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Each session lasts for an hour. This consists of a gradual warm up, a cool down and a stretch, with some running and exercises sandwiched in the middle.                                                                Variety is the key to keep you inspired and motivated. With sessions including multitudes of kit used by the military both traditionally and in modern training, along with boxing gloves and live ammunition to get you moving (the last one was a joke and I ignored the advice to leave it out), you will leave each time buzzing from your new experiences.

You will be worked hard within a group of like-minded people of mixed ability. Sessions are carefully designed to ensure that all levels of fitness are accommodated and can be adapted for injuries and physical restrictions.                                                                                                                                                     World class trainers lead the way, fully qualified, experienced and passionate about fitness, nutrition and well-being. With Military, training and rehabilitation experience, you are truly in safe hands.




Norfolk Road Playing Field

Bowling Green Lane


6.30pm Monday 9.30am Tuesday
6.30pm Wednesday            9.30am Thursday                     9.30am Sunday


Canterbury Way Playing Field

Ripon Road


6.30pm Tuesday
6.30pm Thursday                     9.30am Saturday