Corps Fitness has given its members the opportunity of sharing their journey (below). They are doing so to encourage and inspire others to realise their own potential. So please join us in applauding their bravery, commitment and success.

They are our Champions of Achievement

"Rob's Story"


I have battled with anxiety since 2010 when my dad passed away, I was told that improving my fitness would help me ease the anxiety.

I had previously trained for and run marathons but my motivation had completely gone for running. I tried gyms, fitness DVDs and HIIT guides but again I soon lost my motivation.

I wasn’t happy with my fitness, weight and general mental well-being.

I saw an advert for Corps fitness on Facebook and it immediately took my eye. It took me several weeks to gather the courage to email Sam and sign up for my trial session. I had fears of the unknown, not being fit or good enough, and the fear of others judging my fitness…

…How wrong was I!

I met Sam and the Buntingford gang in June 2017 and within the first 5 minutes of boot camp I knew it was for me. Friendly like-minded people all with the same goal, self-improvement.

I haven’t looked back since and in my first 6 months I have lost 3 stone in weight but gained confidence, fitness, strength and friends.

My mood has improved, I sleep better than I ever have (with exception of being woken up by my one year old) and I just want to keep on improving and pushing myself.

I have started running again after over a year and managed a 25 minute 5km. My next aim is a sub 23 minute 5km something I have only done once.

I used to dread the gym and find excuses not to go, I now cannot wait for boot camp sessions.


"Michelle's Story"

M Rudzki.jpg

Now, most of us know of a person who has transformed their lives, or at least a friend of a friend who has.

I have to say, I never thought that it would be my story one day. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). For those who do not know, this disorder has some pretty nasty symptoms. These range from hair loss, decreased metabolic rate, hormone imbalance, heart disease and depression.

I reached a point where I needed to refocus and move my life into a positive place.

I decided to do a charity walk up Snowden and I needed to get fit enough to make it. I love being outdoors and after a few weeks of plucking up the courage to attend my first boot camp with Sam, I have not looked back.

Not only did I get fit enough to make it up Snowden, I also started to notice other changes. Over the time I have been training I have lost 22kgs in weight and transformed my body from a size 18 to a size 12. My ‘nasty symptoms’ have now been replaced with increased strength, a higher bone density and my cardio health that has improved significantly.

I no longer need to take; metformin (pre diabetic meds), naproxen (joint pain) and omeprazole (for gastritis). 

For me this didn’t happen overnight. It has taken time, effort and the occasional swear word! Of course, at boot camp we are not on our own, the support I have had from the other members has been amazing.

I am now more confident of being me. I now enjoy being fit and can’t wait to set myself new challenges.