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Want more energy, to lose some excess fat or improve the fuel you take in for your sports and hobbies? confused and conflicted about the information you receive as a health conscious consumer?

did you know that certain foods and fluids that you take on can actually slow your metabolic rate and compromise your insulin production?

did you also know that they can interfere with your digestive process and upset your hormonal balance causing water retention?if you want the answers to these questions and so much more, then treat yourself to a corps fitness bespoke nutritional plan - and when we say bespoke, we mean it. just short of taking you into a lab, we consider multiple factors such as age, current weight, available resources, your personal goal and even your blood type!

our goal is to restore your natural genetic rhythm and help you to appreciate and understand your individuality

You will receive a plan that outlines the following;

  • a Snapshot of daily requirements (Protein, Carbs, Fats etc)

  • Portion sizes and frequencies of each of the 16 food types per week

  • House rules - Foods that encourage weight gain and weight loss

  • Each of the 16 food types and their affect on your blood type

  • Blood type diet chart, detailing all the foods that are best for you and which to avoid

  • Nutritional values table for every type of food that is beneficial or allowed 

  • A starter menu

  • A template to create your own nutritional plan menus

  • the best type of training that suits you and why