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When looking to achieve intelligent goal orientated results - you need a trainer who is going to match your determination and desire with their skills and knowledge. I have been in the industry for over 20 years, consistently learning through personal practice and experience. My approach to training is one of strength in mind and body as they are both IMPERATIVE towards life changing results. I focus on bespoke plans that satisfy an individuals goal, from weight loss and rehabilitation, to sports and competitive races. Whatever your goal, it can be achieved with realistic yet challenging expectations from the start

I also work with those in need of behavioural adjustment such as addictions (from food to alcohol and drugs) through to mental presence and self confidence. Corps Fitness is partnered with ‘mind in mid herts’ and often coach individuals and small groups to mental wellness - Overcoming such obstacles as anxiety, depression, insomnia and low self esteem

All sessions are held outside at a suitable ‘green space’ in a convenient location to you. All equipment used has been tried and tested over two decades to ensure the highest standard of training, with all the benefits that training outside brings

as a passionate individual who gives all their energy in each and every session, I credit myself with a remarkably diverse training portfolio. I have trained individuals and groups in;

  • every extreme weather condition possible

  • 4 different continents and 16 countries

  • rehabilitation

  • military entrance test training

  • military course training

  • military fitness training (all arms)

  • becoming trainers (train the trainer programmes)

  • power, strength and muscular endurance training

  • body building

  • well being

  • marathon and endurance event training

  • ironman and triathlon training

  • athletics training

  • pre season football training (ipswich town fc)

  • pre season rugby training (bristol rugby club)

  • Movie set training

For a programme that is as bespoke as you are individual - by a trainer who is always accountable (for fantastic results) - see THE pricing below and make an enquiry to change your life. (paired and small group discounts available, please enquire)

block of 5 sessions - £225.00 (£45.00 per session)

block of 10 sessions - £400.00 (£40.00 per session)