Corps Fitness Stamp Tabbing.png

Tabbing, or to Tab, is a military term meaning Tactical Advance to Battle

it is replicated in the form of a squadded march over multiple terrains and undulating ground

Weighted bergans (military back packs) are carried to represent the transporting of essential combat equipment such as ammunition, water and rations

Each TAB lasts for 1 hour and covers approx 5-7 km depending on the type of TAB. They are held on a Sunday morning at 0700 hrs  

Tabs are held in various locations in hertfordshire, mostly between welwyn, stevenage and hertford. OCCASIONALLY, special TAB’s are conducted where both the time and distance are increased within a unique location

there are multiple benefits to tabbing;

  • it is a strong foundation to fitness

  • burns upwards of 50% more calories than walking or jogging alone (approx 600+ calories per hour)

  • Improves endurance and all round work capacity

  • it places less stress on your body than running - each stride whilst running can place 7 to 12 times your BODY WEIGHT through your knees, compared to tabbing which places only 2 to 3 times your body weight

  • builds strength through your back and legs and even your core which is activated as a stabiliser

  • improves posture - The bergan pulls your shoulders and back into proper alignment and corrects a pronated posture

  • exercising outside - decreases stress, helps keep depression at bay, reduces obesity, boosts the immune system and enhances cognitive abilities

  • socialising. there is nothing quite like a good old natter whilst marching through the woods

to benefit from the full experience, participants are encouraged to use a weighted bergan or ruck sack of their own. Alternatively, you can order a military grade bergan from us with all necessary weight and padding for £50.00 which can be purchased below (we also carry out the initial set up of all straps and padding, plus consistent adjustment to the fit and weight being carried as participants progress)

each tab is £6.00