What if I am not fit enough and can’t keep up?

Everybody feels that way at first, believe us. We can assure you that there is no pressure to “keep up” from the instructors or the members. The only thing you need to keep up with is… your own ambition. All sessions are carefully planned to ensure that different ability levels are satisfied.

I am overweight and haven’t exercised for a long time, is this suitable for me?

Abso-bloomin-lutely! What better way to dust off your trainers and remind your body of how that rush of achievement used to feel, than by training among like-minded people who share the same goal as you. It’s suitable because it is effective, balanced and paced to suit all standards of fitness from the ground up.

Will I be shouted at?

Yes; but not like you think. This isn’t the military, you are not a ‘maggot,’ you are on a journey, made quicker and more effective by the encouragement that tells you to defy the urge to stop. To ignore the unwilling voice in your head and the easy way out. When you are told ways to push on and endure, you begin to enjoy and realise what is actually achievable through positive reinforcement and encouragement.

What can I expect/is it difficult?

Yes, it is difficult; but nothing great ever just happens by itself, you have to go and grab it! Starting with a warm up, the intensity increases as you acclimatise to the session. All sessions are carefully planned to ensure that different ability levels are satisfied. This is achieved through variations in time spent exercising, distance to travel or repetitions to complete.  

I don’t like running; will I have to?

It is the quickest way to move from one point to another, so yes, you must. Remember, we never work on our weaknesses, so what better way to start improving. Each session lasts an hour and consists of a variety of different circuits that involve body weight exercises such as press ups and sit ups, running, kit related exercises such as lifting and carrying, alongside many other variations of boxing, games, challenges and routines. The variety means that nobody ever knows what they are walking into with each session being a complete surprise and that there is something for everyone.

How often should I train?

Assuming that this level of training is relatively new to you, it is best to start off with 1 or 2 sessions a week. Once your body becomes accustomed you can increase to 3 or 4 times a week. Some seasoned members train up to 6 times a week (remember, they were in your shoes once).

What should I wear?

All corps fitness sessions take place outside, so the first factors to consider are weather and temperature. During the colder months, it is best to wear various thin layers that can be removed easily as your body temperature increases. In the warmer months, it is best to wear light ‘breathable’ garments to enable you to stay cooler. Appropriate footwear is a training shoe, or fell/trial trainer with good grip to the sole. Football studs should only be worn in very soft ground conditions and not when the ground is hard. Due to the nature of the training, garments should be durable to withstand the exertion that will be placed upon them.

What do I need to bring with me?

You will need water. We look after the rest. However: a goal to work towards, spirit and a raw determination to not just survive the session but to get the very most out of it is imperative also.

What if the weather is bad?

Then we get wet, cold, or hot. Variations in weather elements assist further towards your goals.

Where do you train?

Corps fitness is currently in two locations.


Buntingford (Norfolk Road Playing Fields, Bowling Green Lane, SG9 9BT)

Stevenage (Canterbury Way Playing Fields, Ripon Road, SG1 4LW)


How do I book?

Your first session is free. Simply turn up to a session or sign up here#

What payment methods do you accept?

Corps fitness operates a monthly direct debit payment scheme.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to outdoor boot camp sessions, here are some of them:

You burn more calories. 

This is probably the best and most popular perk. Because your body is working harder, your metabolism revs up and your body burns more calories and fat to produce energy for your workout. While exercising indoors is valuable, research shows that exercising outside requires more energy, forcing our bodies to get better workouts and burn added calories and fat. Outdoor elements such as increases/decreases in temperature, wind and hills provide a natural resistance and make our bodies work harder and burn more calories.

Your endurance performance increases. 

By challenging yourself in the cold weather, you are strengthening your heart, lungs and circulatory system, thereby improving your overall health. 

Exercise can help to boost feel good endorphins which elevate your mood and make you happier! 

The cold stimulates your parasympathetic system. (the sympathetic system is known as the “fight or flight” response while the parasympathetic is known as the “relax and renew” system). These endorphins can trigger the release of dopamine and serotonin; neurotransmitters that keep us happy, feeling good and ease depression.

Psychological benefits.

An increasing amount of research shows outdoor activity is great for the mind. Exercising amongst trees and wildlife can give you a healthy mood boost and can help to combat anxiety and stress.

More varied workout.

Outside you’ll find different terrain that can’t properly be simulated in the studio. You hit hills and different surfaces and flex limbs in different ways to handle it.

Vitamin D we get from exposure to the sun has awesome benefits (in moderation). It's a common treatment for depression and other mood disorders. Endorphins (which lift your mood) are released by the body when you get some sun. Sunlight helps supply the body with vitamin D, a ‘superstar’ nutrient which helps promote the absorption of calcium and provides strength to bones.

Outdoor fitness is easier to stick with.

Creating an exercise habit is difficult, but finding one you enjoy can make it easier to come back to. So that shot of pleasure you get from being outdoors may mean it’s more likely you’ll stick to your program. And of course, there is always the fantastic social element!